What to Donate

*The Martins have 8 kids, but only 4 of them live with them full time. Mike is 14, he's a freshman. Sean is 10 and he's in 5th grade (middle school this year). Dean is 2 1/2 and Roman is 8 months.
Right now, they are in the clean up process, and have no electricity, plumbing, or septic.  Here are things that Jessica has mentioned needing:

LOTS of hand sanitizer
LOTS of baby wipes
Huggies diapers (size 3 and 6)
Non-perishable food
Waterless Shampoo
Cleaning supplies (rags, sponges, mops, buckets, etc.)
Air Fresheners (it stinks in there!)
Wal-Mart gift cards for meat they can cook on the grill.
Paper Towels
Gift cards to local restaurants
Fans and dehumidifiers (for when they do have power)

*You can send gift cards and many of the items mentioned above by ordering them off of their Wal-Mart wish list.  You can order either Wal-Mart gift cards, or Visa gift cards.

*If you can't donate any of the above, but would like to donate money to go directly to the Martins, please click the brown Chip In button on the right side of the page.