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To help:

You can donate funds either directly to the family. To donate, use the Chip In buttons on the right side of the page.

You can pitch in with clean up efforts.

You can drop items off at (see What to Donate):

Connie's House:
Lancaster, PA 17601
 Please call first.

You can contact local businesses to see if they can donate items, gift cards, or services. Feel free to give them this website as a reference.  Examples would be (but not limited to):  Gift cards to home improvement stores, gift cards to grocery stores, donated services from flood clean-up companies, donations of household items from goodwill or salvation army, or service or gift card donations for 'fun' things for the kids, or pedicures and the like for Jessica (hey... they are going to need some stress relief after all this!).

You can send gift cards by ordering them off of their Wal-Mart wish list.  You can order either Wal-Mart gift cards, or Visa gift cards.

You can spread the word. If you  have a blog, post, and ask people to follow this blog, and join the facebook group.  If you are on ANY social network, PLEASE spread the word.  The more people know about this, the more likely we will have enough help.

You can pray, or send positive thoughts, or well wishes their way, or whatever you do.  Just keep positive vibes heading in their direction!