Saturday, September 24, 2011

A message from Jessica Martin

They still currently don't have internet, or electricity in part of their house, so she asked me to forward this message along:

Kindly let everyone know how I much I greatly appreciate them. Whether it was a donation, a prayer.. Any and all, I am most thankful for. Please let them know, I, in turn, am also paying it forward.
I am tremendously grateful and am also helping other flood victims as I can. I had a ton of baby clothes from Roman, that I had initially had listed for sale on craigslist to try to get a few bucks to put towards other things we need. Instead, I am donating these things to other flood victims who, unlike me, lost their childrens clothes, toys, etc in the flood. I am very fortunate to have only lost what we did.. Some ppl lost everything. 
If we all work together to help our fellow man in our time(s) of need.. We have no idea how life changing it could be for someone and can hope when we are the ones in need, there are other compassionate ppl who would reach out a hand to us too. Like you ladies did here.. Heather, I so appreciated your care pkg, blog efforts and everything from you all. 
It makes me feel so proud to be able to turn and continue spreading that same kindness to others. ♥

Also, she said that FEMA deposited $1700 in their bank account, and while that isn't much compared to the $50,000 in damages that they accrued, it will be enough to re-insulate their basement so that the heating bill doesn't skyrocket in the winter.  So anything that you can do to help is still much appreciated!

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